How it works

Save Content

Bring in content from every source you encounter, including:

  • Web articles
  • eBooks
  • Emails
  • Personal notes
Personalize UX

Adjust your reading experience to match your personal preferences:

  • Font styles
  • Font sizes
  • Line spacing
  • Dark/light mode
Read Actively

Highlight, annotate, and mark up your content while you read:

  • Highlights
  • Notes
  • Tags & Categorization
Automate Recall

Learn through validated and automated learning techniques:

  • Spaced repetition
  • Chunking
  • Recall practice

Who is this for?

I'm studying!

Lurnby's active learning features allow you to understand and remember things better.

I read with a pen in my hand!

We love marginalia! Read actively, highlight your content, take notes, and organize everything.

I am organizing insights!

Bundle metadata, tags, categorization, and inline notes to create a database of insights and references for future projects.

The Lurnby Experience


Install the Lurnby Firefox or Chrome browser extensions to quickly save and annotate content


Match your reading experience to your preferences

Notes and highlights

Seamlessly highlight, take notes, and share content across mobile and desktop

Metadata and organization

Browse, filter, measure, review, and organize through a friendly insights-first UI

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