You have questions? We all do buddy.

Q. Is your app broken?

A. We're in beta. It's possible.

The app has a feedback button, in the main navigation. It sends us the part of the site you were on, when something went wrong. Send us all the bugs.

Q. How do I use lurnby?

A. We're working on improving our UX. In the meantime. We have this getting started guide we made.

Q. Tell me what you think about this, I buy my own diamonds and I buy my own rings?

A. I'm really impressed.

Q. But really, can I talk to a human?

A. Send an email to

Q. Why does your website look like ****?

A. Lurnby is currently a team of 1. We do what we can.

We're definitely looking for like-minded people who want to work with us. Send us an email at